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  • ITfamilyCorp's Data Processing Service has the following core features:

    As a business professional, you want accurate data without the headache and cost of wading through the data yourself. You also need timely data in order to make decisions with impact. Your loyalty is our motivation, which means that you can count on us to meet your demands.


    ITFamilyCorp makes data collection, entry, and processing simple and straightforward. We will take care of your data and have it ready for your use, while you to devote your energy to more important matters. Your employees can focus their efforts on what they do best.


    Our data processing services are custom programs, designed around basic data handling that meet your specific needs. We carefully, correctly, and cost effectively handle your data capture and database goals, making full use of available technology.


    We value your investment such that we render high standard of services at an affordable price quotation.

    Here are our complete Data Processing Services:

     Data Entry

    We have the capacity and expertise to process any type of data - typed or handwritten, to and from any format. Utilizing the latest technology, supported by our programmers and quality control staff, we can key thousands of documents across document types on paper or image. Straight forward basic text, complex formatting including columns, tables, selective text extraction are just a few of the processes we can key. We are prepared not only in operator training but in validation and quality control processes enabling us to give the highest of quality guarantees for all data processed.

     Archive Conversation

    We deliver effective results in any conversion of historic indexes, archive records, magazines and documents to electronic text, bringing information and accessibility not only to internal users, but also to external parties via the World Wide Web, CD-ROM products, Web pages and email. Our expertise in handling valuable archive data in data processing enable us to accurately process the data, and output the electronic data in a wide variety of formats to suit your needs.

     Data Harvesting/News Gatherring

    We offer services that can set up news gathering teams to surf the net, profile countries and news sources on each continent to harvest large amounts of data from various URLs to populate database projects. Thru this, you can focus on marketing and project development while we take care of the labor intensive news gathering.


    We offer recording and transcription services of quarterly reports, stockholders meetings and corporate conference calls recorded over the internet as MP3 and real audio files. This will allow you to publish them on your web site in written form.

     Electronic Publishing

    We can cater to your website’s electronic publishing features. All manuscripts have to go through a process of encoding, formatting, editing and corrections, embedding graphics and building book covers. This work requires a high degree of training and skills with various word processors such as MS Word and Adobe PageMaker as well as PhotoShop and Quark. This includes conversions to pdf format, tracking and problem solving, as well as author's corrections and book cover work. We deliver all of these processes with quality and superior end-results.

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