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  • In order to serve you better we have developed a sort of check list for you to know how we assist you throughout the development and implementation stage. The following is an outline for Web Development services that ITFC offers and how we go about the process.


    Step One: Collecting the Content and Data for Your Website.


    Information to be submitted by you as the client :

    • Company Profile (Background, Business goals, Organization structures, Contact Information, Company Logo, Slogan, etc.)
    • Products and Services (Pictures, price, description, etc.)
    • Target Market
    • A simple flowchart or mock-up.
    • Color Combination.
    • Look & Feel thru URL samples.
    • News and Current activities.
    • Other information.
    Step Two: ITFC will discuss the costing, the timetables to do the project and submit our proposal to the client.
    Step Three: Once the client approves the project, we immediately get our paperwork done and a down payment of 50% of the project cost is normally asked of the client.

    Step Four: On the start of the project, ITFC will developed the graphic elements of the site (the homepage, the sub-page, the interface of the database). We let our clients approved our design prior to proceeding to the rest of the contents.

    Step Five: Testing and quality check are done by both our clients and our production team.
    Step Six: Once everything is approved by our clients, we will then upload the project to the client's servers and the balance for the project will be collected.
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