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    Why Outsource Philippines?

    PHILIPPINES IS A COMPETITIVE PROVIDER OF GLOBAL OUTSOURCING SERVICES. In a recent 2010 survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers, Asia and Latin America is predicted to overtake the previous industry leaders.  This means that Philippine outsourcing service providers are at par with the previous countries taking the lead in outsourcing. The Philippines is often voted as being one of the most livable countries in Asia for expatriate families.

    Trends in outsourcing.

    QUALITY OF FILIPINO WORK POOL. Having 94% literacy rate, the Philippines is renowned for the quality of its workers. ICT professionals are highly trained and sub-specialties have been grown. Being one of the world's second-largest English-speaking populations, Filipinos possess world-class English proficiency superior to that of India and other offshore destinations. The country ranked third in Knowledge and Information-based jobs in the 2002 Global Technology Index research done by the META Group.

    PHILIPPINES RESPONDS TO CULTURE DIVERSITY. Having gone through series of colonization, Philippines has developed its own unique culture at the same time being sensitive to other cultures. Its workforce carries with it a customer-service mindset and interpersonal aptitude. This distinguishes Philippines from other outsourcing providers offshore.

    STRONG GOVERNMENT AND PRIVATE SECTOR SUPPORT. Just recently, Republic of the Philippines President Benigno Aquino III encouraged continued expansion of the business process outsourcing sector in the country. The private sector enjoys the support of the Philippine government, which has embraced the ICT Industry as a major economic driver. Both sectors work together actively and synergistically to further develop the ICT-enabled service industry thru focused training and investment in I.T.-enabled infrastructure.

    PHILIPPINES OFFERS AN ATTRACTIVE EXPATRIATE LIFESTYLE. The Philippines is often voted as being one of the most livable countries in Asia for expatriate families. An easy and affordable lifestyle can be invested upon in its Central Business District. Its location is conducive both for business ventures and leisure travel. The Philippines is fastly becoming a favored business destination. With its improving infrastructure, the country is actively courting foreign investors, many of whom have established their offices here.

    Why so popular? Perhaps it has something to do with the easy and affordable life style. Expatriate living in Manila is a far cry from the cheek by jowl experience of Hong Kong or other Asian centers. For those who want it, affordable single unit housing is available in one or other of the leafy suburbs that surround the Central Business District. Restaurants and nightlife abound- and mostly again at affordable prices. And of course, English is widely spoken in the Philippines. In many respects Makati has more in common with Brisbane than it does with many other Asian cities.

    Then of course there is the location - for business or for jumping off to other scenic spots. The Philippines is strategically located between the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Manila, the capital city, is only a two-hour flight from Hong Kong and Taipei. A number of airlines offer a single hop flight to Europe or to North America. Convenient? Yes, the Philippines certainly is!

    The Philippines is also becoming known for its beautiful tourist spots. The grandeur of the scenery and the Spanish period architecture that abounds throughout the country provide a cultural and visual synthesis that is probably unique in the world. Yet while some resorts have become known internationally, there is much that is just sufficiently off the traditional tourist beat to make “travel” the experience it is meant to be. Yes, accommodation is generally good. Maybe in the remote locations you will not find international five star luxury, but clean, comfortable and friendly it certainly will be.

    The Philippines is now also fast becoming a favored business destination. With its improving infrastructure, the country is actively courting foreign investors, many of whom have established their offices here. These range from multinational companies to small entrepreneurs and in this latter category the Philippines perhaps is more investor friendly than the most Asian countries. Of course having all the official documentation in English is a big plus.

    Why Outsource with ITFamilyCorp?

    Considering the trend wherein outsourcing is mostly done by large companies such as America Online (AOL), Intel, and Phillips - who have outsourced intellectually based activities like marketing and research, human relations and legal work, logistics and accounting, ITFamilyCorp, Inc. (ITFC) offers expert outsourcing support services to small and start-up companies. ITFC is a dynamic entrepreneurial outsourcing firm with management and sales offices based in Gainesville , Florida . Its main operations center is in Cebu , Philippines - the second-largest city in the Philippines , and known as the IT hub of the country. ITFC started in 2003, the company contracted the development of the Web Portal and Instant Messenger of FamilyDot Communications, Inc

    We guarantee:

    • Complete solutions covering expertise in the design aspect and in the database programming aspect
    • Handling of projects offsite, saving thousands of dollars in resources.
    • Professionalism and consistent delivery of services thru properly screened and trained staff
    • Quality Assurance and efficient project management methods for every project
    • Response to your needs by a team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
    • Eliminate Investment in Non-Core Fixed Infrastructure.
    • Enable Improved Business Focus
    • Customized services tailored-fit based on client's unique needs
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